Working on Relationships in 2021

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Working on Relationships in 2021

Here we are! It’s March of the new year. We are hoping that arriving to this month will get us closer to spring weather and out of the cold and winter weather that we have been hit so hard with last month.


Another thing that March signifies is month number three of the new year. By now, we are situated, writing the correct year on all of our documents, and started to accept it’s a new year. Some have stuck to their New Year’s resolutions and some have fallen off the wagon. The resolution we know most have stuck to is the resolution to working on their relationships and constant fine tuning.


If you’re continuing to work on your relationship, and interested in several great components to keep the bond growing, here are some tips for you:


  1. We all know that all good relationships are built on a strong foundation. We believe that the greatest building block to all relationships is communication. In order to be heard and your partner to feel heard is to communicate. Talk about everything. If you’re upset about something, put it out in the open. Your partner cannot read your mind and if something is bothering you they won’t know unless you bring it up.
    1. Be sure to listen. Communication goes two ways. You have to be able to talk about how you’re feeling, but you also have to listen and hear what your partner has to say. Don’t just listen to the words they are saying, make sure you really hear what they are saying. If you strive to make sure they feel comfortable and heard, they will do the same in return. Communication is key!
    2. Don’t just say how you feel, show it! Actions do speak louder than words. If you say you’re sorry for something, then go and do that again, you aren’t showing that you’re sorry at all.
  2. You have to earn respect. Most often by respecting others, they will respect you in return. If you have respect for your partner and value their thoughts and opinions, they will care and value yours. If you spend all of your time cutting one another down, shouting, and disrespecting one another, you won’t truly value each other and the relationship can’t blossom and grow.
  3. Choose to love. You may not always “like” each other, and you both may upset and hurt each other… it’s how relationships go. However, make a conscious effort to wake up every day and choose love. Choose love!
  4. If you are in a relationship, you’re committed to your partner, and they committed to you. If you want your partner to give their all, be sure that you’re giving yours. Additionally, know when you’re not being valued. If you’re not valued, and you don’t feel your partner is giving to the relationship as much as you are, know when it’s time to end the relationship. We know you’re important, we know you have so much going for you. Make sure that everyone around you knows that too!


If you focus on your relationship and put some time into them, you’re sure to see growth if you and your partner give your best effort.

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