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We value your privacy and will not share your pregnancy intentions with anyone.

Guys, scared your girlfriend/partner is pregnant?


Do you think your girlfriend or partner is pregnant? Facing a normal pregnancy can be challenging for any couple. It can be even more so if it’s an unplanned pregnancy.

Guys are wired to protect and provide and an unplanned pregnancy can leave you with questions, fears, and uncertainties about the future. Remember, it took both of you to get here, and it will take both of you to figure this out.  Despite what society says, this is not just a women’s health issue. She is not alone, and neither are you! In fact, men play an essential role in deciding whether or not to parent a child.

Understanding your role and responsibility is critical. That’s why our REAL Dads Coaches are standing by to speak to you about pregnancy options and programs explicitly designed to help you understand your options and next steps as the man in the equation. You are welcome to come with or without your partner. However, if you think your girlfriend or partner is pregnant, we encourage you to come together.

It is vital to confirm her pregnancy before making any decisions. Because verifying her pregnancy can rule out an ectopic pregnancy, which can be fatal, and miscarriage. You will also need to know how far along she is to know all your options.

Women’s Choice Clinic offers FREE professional medical-grade quality pregnancy tests. Our tests are 99% accurate. If her test is positive, we can also provide her with confirmation of pregnancy and limited ultrasound. In addition to this, we also offer pre-abortion screenings.

Our trained male coaches provide information and insight in a safe, friendly atmosphere where you can consider your options and plan for your future. Remember, you are not alone in this!

Don’t wait.

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