Will Abortion Ruin My Relationship with Him?

Woman thinking if an abortion will ruin their relationship

Will Abortion Ruin My Relationship with Him? — Let’s unpack this. So many unknowns. Too many emotions. So many more questions. Yet, over and over again this specific question seems to be the one that lingers in the minds of so many women in the Fort Worth area that we serve.

Let’s just say it: relationships are already challenging, right? You have these two people who bring their individual desires, needs and dreams together, with the hope that they can merge those to make a future together possible. Sometimes these individuals are easily able to make it work and sometimes, well, not so much. Then if you add an unplanned pregnancy to the mix, suddenly the challenge escalates. Maybe this is your situation. And maybe you feel as if neither of you are ready to raise a kid right now.

You may be asking yourself:

“What if I want this, but he doesn’t?”

“I wonder if he wants this, but I don’t?”

Or what if he tells you, “I’ll support whatever decision you make.”

This well-meaning response from him can actually have you second guessing yourself even more now. This classic one-liner probably seems like the best response to him, because it leaves him in a neutral position. But doesn’t he know that if you shared with him that you’re pregnant, that you’re anxiously awaiting him to give you more reassurance than just that?

There’s a ton to navigate when fear and anxiety are flooding your mind because you don’t want to make the wrong decision. You rightly recognize this could impact your future together, the one you’re trying so desperately to protect by considering abortion as an option.

Time for the Truth!

The truth is—The answer isn’t as easy as typing “will abortion ruin my relationship with him?” into google and getting a simple yes or no. So, what can you find on Google to help you with this question? Let’s give some solid advice that’s worked for hundreds of women in the Fort Worth area.

  • Connect with unbiased individuals who can listen to all your concerns, big and small and work from there.

If you’re looking for information about how abortion may impact your future with your significant other, it’s vital you do this. We understand, sometimes those unbiased people are hard to find, because most people have pretty strong opinions on abortion. It’s still important to reach out to people who you can trust. You also need these unbiased individuals to help you gather your thoughts, give you factual answers based upon research to your questions and help you make a plan regarding what your next steps look like.

  • It’s important to reach outside of your usual circle of influence for this unbiased person you trust, because you need someone who specializes in these types of situations to help you with this.

Sometimes it’s extremely hard for people to be unbiased when they are close to your situation. It’s really difficult for people to give unbiased advice when the situation impacts their life in some way as well. Since abortion options are not a “one size fits all” kind of thing, you need the ability to understand and decide on your next steps based on your individual situation by working with someone who specializes in this kind of thing and has been trained to specifically offer you services while you’re experiencing this uncertainty.

Okay, let’s recap— 1. Find an unbiased person that you trust to discuss your unplanned pregnancy with and 2. Find that person outside of your typical circle of influence.

Hold on, WHAT?

Sounds pretty difficult to do, right? How do you trust someone you don’t know and crazier yet, how would you even go about finding them in the first place?

That’s where the last piece of helpful advice comes in when you’re wondering if abortion will ruin your relationship with him.

Women’s Choice can be that safe place for you. We have a team who specializes in unplanned pregnancies and women considering abortion options. We’re trained to listen, answer your questions with reputable sources and empower you to make the best decision for you and your individual situation. Because we don’t profit from any decision you make, you can trust that the information you receive from us is factual and unbiased. We truly have your best interest at heart.

All of our services are offered FREE of charge because we’re a non-profit women’s health center in Fort Worth that believes in empowering women to make the best decision for their life and their situation. We’d be honored to help you when you schedule your appointment with us today!

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