Tips to a Quick Trip Out of the House

Tips to a Quick Trip Out of the House

Quick Tips to a Quick Trip Out of the House Each Morning:

The entire nation has been working to #stopthespread for the past month(s). As we have all been diligently working to stay home, a lot of us have been asked to telecommute and work from home. As many of us got really comfortable working from home, the morning routine was nothing short of amazing. 

If you’re anything like us, it looked a bit like this… 
  • Sleep in an hour later, no one is going to see you, so you don’t have to get ready.  
  • Maybe shower so you feel refreshed for the day. Again, maybe not. No one will likely see you. 
  • Slowly wake up, grab your coffee, maybe check a few house chores off your list, then finally sit down for the day by 8am. 

Not sure about you, but working from home and not commuting to work each day allows a lot more hours in the day to be dedicated to whatever we’d like! 

Nonetheless, the circumstances weren’t ideal, but working from home was one positive asset. 

However, now, many of us are back at it and commuting to work each day. Here are a few quick tips to help you get out of the door quicker each morning. Some you may have done before COVID-19, some might be new, but we figured a quick refresher might do us all some good: 
  1. Layout your work clothes before you go to bed each night. 
  2. Organize your lunch and have it prepared so you can easily grab it out the door. 
  3. Prep your morning coffee as best as you can. Have a coffee machine with a timer? Set it! If you don’t, get your coffee cup ready, and have as much prepared as you can. 
  4. Load your car with all that you can. Since it’s pretty nice weather outside, most items can be loaded in the car the night before. However, if it gets too hot out, this tip isn’t always wise. And again, if you’re anything like us, we have 7,098 bags to bring to work (or so it feels that way), so every bag already loaded makes loads of difference in the mornings! 

We really hope this helps you get out of the door faster! Especially as we all got a wee bit spoiled working from home the beginning of this year.

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