How Much Does the Abortion Pill Cost?

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If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you’ve probably got a lot of questions about how much the abortion pill costs. Does insurance cover the abortion pill? If not, what is the out-of-pocket cost? There are a lot of numbers to crunch and countless thoughts and feelings to sort through. 


Before taking the plunge, take a moment to get all the facts! Keep reading to learn more about the cost of the abortion pill!  

Does Insurance Cover the Abortion Pill? 

House Bill 214 prohibits most private insurance plans from covering abortion, except in cases where the mother’s life is in danger[1]. Texas law states that Medicare[2] and Medicaid[3] can only cover the abortion pill in cases of rape, incest, or life endangerment to the mother. Additionally, under Medicare, a certified physician has to prove that the abortion is necessary to save her life[2]


Due to these laws, it’s likely that you will have to pay out of pocket for the abortion pill.

How Much Does the Abortion Pill Cost Without Insurance? 

The abortion pill can cost more than $500 without insurance[4]. Prices vary based on the dosage you need, the provider you purchase it from, and the state they are located in.

Additional Abortion Pill Costs to Consider

It’s important to note that SB4 prohibits manufacturers from shipping the abortion pill into Texas[5]. This means that having it shipped or mailed to your house is illegal for the shipper. 


So, you’ll also need to consider all the costs of traveling out of state to obtain the abortion pill, such as gas or plane tickets, lodging, and meals. You should also look into the cost of follow-up care if the pill fails or if you experience severe side effects

What Do I Need to Do Before Taking the Abortion Pill?

We get it—finding out that you’re pregnant when you don’t want to be is one of the scariest things imaginable. It can be easy to spiral at a moment like this. We encourage you to take a deep breath and know that you aren’t alone. You owe it to yourself to make an empowered decision!


Before taking the abortion pill, it’s important to:


Receive an Ultrasound

You may be wondering why you’d want an ultrasound if you’re considering the abortion pill. The answer is that ultrasounds provide the insight needed to make an informed and empowered decision for an unexpected pregnancy! They determine two key things about your pregnancy: viability and gestational age.


  • Pregnancy Viability. A viable pregnancy means that the pregnancy is progressing properly. The goal is to rule out a nonviable pregnancy, such as a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy—in either case, abortion isn’t needed.

  • Gestational Age. Gestational age refers to how far along you are in your pregnancy. This is important to know, as you can’t take the abortion pill beyond 10 weeks of pregnancy[6]

Know Your Options

It may feel like you have no options when those two lines first appear. But, the truth is, you do have options! Understanding each of them and considering their impact on your life can help you make a fully informed decision! Women’s Choice Resource Center is here to answer all of your questions regarding abortion, adoption, and parenting—all without judgment. 

Cost-Free Pregnancy Care in Fort Worth, TX

The abortion pill is costly. Compassionate care is priceless. The licensed medical staff at Women’s Choice Resource Center is here to provide the insight and support you need to make an empowered decision for your unplanned pregnancy—all at no cost to you!


Give us a call at (817) 587-0710 or schedule your appointment today. 


Please be aware that Women’s Choice Resource Center does not provide or refer for abortion services. 


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