3 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas You Already Have In Your Closet

Yep. Halloween is RIGHT around the corner, literally! And, this year it’s a Saturday. Even though we are all social distancing as much as possible and aren’t going to be going door to door or having a big public outing, we still think it would be quite fun to still dress up! See our Halloween costume ideas below.

However, we understand 2020 has been quite the year! Not only are we all trying to navigate our new normal from home, remote education, etc. but we are all trying to save money! Who knows what’s going to happen with our economy? Nonetheless, we are here for you! We wanted to stop in and give you three easy Halloween costume ideas – items that you already have in your closet!

  1. Cheetah/Leopard. Seriously, every girl owns at least ONE piece of cheetah or leopard print clothing! Own leggings with that print? Wear them with a black shirt and a cheetah headband or scrunchie in your hair. Basic, yes we know… but dang you would sure be saving money and looking cute for Halloween!

Don’t own pants? No problem! Wear regular black leggings (every girl owns those!) and a cheetah print sweatshirt or top! You can still rock the headband or hair piece. Don’t have a headband? Check out your local Target! They have the most darling cheetah print top knot headbands, for $10! (If you’ll wear the item beyond the day of Halloween, we don’t count that as a Halloween costume purchase, it’s a clothing piece you’ll continue to wear!)

PS. If you don’t want to wear the above and be a Cheetah, you can always wear tiger print and be Carole Baskin! 😉

  • Rosie the Riveter. Can you say GIRL POWER?! Not only does this costume support our mission at Fort Worth, in that you are strong, brave, and can do hard things, but it’s super easy and chances are you already have the things you’ll need for this costume.

Needed items include: chambray (jean) shirt, red bandana, and jeans. Yep! That’s it! Throw your denim outfit on, put your hair up, and tie that bandana! And remember…. YOU CAN DO IT! J

  • 80s workout chick. Just like the black pair of leggings, most women own a bright colorful pair of leggings. Throw those on, some mid-calf socks (pulled up!), a headband across your forehead as if it’s a sweatband, and a one piece swimsuit. One piece swimsuits have been back in style for several years. Knowing that, we bet you have one or two on hand. But, if you don’t throw in a baggy sweatshirt and throw it off one of your shoulders. You will rock it girl! Like they did in the 80s!

We sure hope we could be of some assistance for your last-minute, cost savings Halloween costume. If anything, we hope we sparked your interest and gave you an idea of your own! We hope you have a happy and safe Halloween! Don’t let anything fool you, it is 2020!

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